Qommodity’s QAA Tokens Now Available For Trading On LBANK

2 min readAug 11, 2022

Good news for the owners of the QAA tokens and for those who want to get their hands on them. Starting July 18 at 6 PM (UTC+8), you can trade the QAAs on the LBank exchange (https://www.lbank.info/).

On LBank, you can enjoy a pleasant experience in cryptocurrency trading, thanks to its user-friendly platform and reliability.

By purchasing Qommodity’s QAA tokens, you will have access to a number of significant benefits, one of which will be the possibility to swap the token for their QAAA tokens equivalent when it’s launched.

The QAAA is a one-of-a-kind (security) token, which will build the bridge between the traditional finance system and digital currency.

Qommodity also aims to provide a low threshold in order to obtain the QAAA token for people worldwide. The system behind the QAA token is backed with sophisticated customer support to make sure that everyone is able to purchase the token without any specialized financial knowledge.

Founded by Edward Meijers, Qommodity has been present in Sierra Leone since 2009 through Tandem Liber Holdings, the natural resource division of Qommodity Resource Holdings.

The main goal is to monetize in-ground natural resources without extracting them. Qommodity now has licenses covering a total area of 354.5 sq. km on the African continent and is valuing the natural resources found there through the certification standard NI43–101.

This will enable the largest transition of wealth in the history of mankind, since the untapped resources will be made suitable for monetization within the monetary system.

Because the resources remain unexploited, the value of the land increases, which leads to a higher level of life for the local communities. This way, Qommodity aims to create opportunities, livelihood, and sustainable development within the scope of ESG, and to help local people have access to better medicine, education and even to be able to open their own businesses.

By joining Qommodity, you can be part of the change.

Purchase the QAA token now, enjoy all the benefits it provides and help shape a better future.

LBank: https://www.lbank.info/